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Are you prepared to win a trip of a lifetime? Starting from October 10th, you could win a seat on one of the amazing tours listed! A 9 day tour from London to Rome, a four day trip from London to Bruges at Christmas, an eight day ski holiday in Austria, a 9 day tour of Egypt, a 5 day tour of New Zealand, a 7 day island tour of Thailand, a 7 day island hopping tour of Indonesia, a 7 day Bali Island hopper, 4 days in New York at New Year and a five day Uluru tour of Australia’s Northern Territory! Put this on early so you can check out the awesome itineries of each trip so you can see which ones you want to go for, or enter them all! Best of luck!

Here’s how to join:

1. Go to the website by clicking on the link button
2. Like and follow on Facebook and Twitter
3. Enter email and wait for confirmation
4. Complete the registration process

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Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash?

Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash? Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash?
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