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Win one of five Summer Infant Potty Training Bundles

Most parents don’t exactly relish the potty training stage, but Summer Infant wants to help you celebrate this momentous toddler milestone!

Introducing the My Size Potty from Summer Infant, cleverly designed to be just like an adult toilet. It’s got a flushing handle with realistic sound effects, so your little one can feel confident and independent as they progress to the real thing.

It is a very useful waterproof seat liner for car seats and buggies, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps on the move!

Plus, it is very easy to join! So grab the chance to win now!

How to enter: 

  1. Click “Enter Now” above
  2. Fill out the required fields
  3. Complete the entry form
  4. Submit your entry

Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash?

Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash? Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash?
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